Breast Cancer Support Service Tauranga Trust (BCSS)

An organisation formed to offer support, education and information to women or men diagnosed with breast cancer in the Bay of Plenty.

November 2011 would mark the 20th anniversary of the Tauranga BCSS.  The organisation felt that this was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate with a promotional video that would express who we are and what we do and to share stories.  Recordit was approached to produce a compelling video that would connect viewers, raise awareness of breast cancer and inspire viewers to become involved.

The Approach

The BCSS co-ordinator and Recordit sat down and discussed what we needed to include in the video.  We determined that we would provide some facts about the support service, but in order to capture the essence, we needed to interview the women who are the heart and success of the organisation.

Breast Cancer Promotional Video

We wrote down all the key facts to include – the history, some statistics, different services available and who we needed to interview.  It quickly became apparent to Recordit that we didn’t want to use a voiceover, that this project needed to be a personal account and that if we got everyone we wanted to film to talk about their role in the organisation then we would have it covered – and that’s what we did and that certainly contributed to the successful outcome.

We wrote a script, created a storyboard and scheduled all the filming.  This was a huge project involving many hours filming the different components such as fundraising events – Bethlehem fashion show, Womens Fun Walk, Papamoa  Beach Walk, six of the services, over twenty interviews with local businesses and organisations that support and sponsor BCSS and the women directly effected by breast cancer.

The 16 minute video was screened at the 20th anniversary Lunch and was a huge success capturing the strong support of the community, the value this organisation contributes to the community and to the women and families affected by breast cancer.  This was a hugely rewarding and enjoyable project.


"We were celebrating our 20th anniversary November 2011 and wanted to mark the occasion with something special.  Something that our members and supporters could see and that we could keep to use for different occasions.  We contacted Cathryn from Recordit who expertly guided us through the process of producing our promotional video - determining our aims, creating our story list, scripting, filming and editing." 

"Cathryn definitely knows her stuff, she was patient, persistent and professional throughout the process and we consider that she has produced a compelling video that connects viewers, raises awareness of breast cancer and most importantly – tells our story."

Julie Blake
Breast Cancer Support Service Tauranga Trust