Aetiology – Lymphatic Enhancement

Aetiology’s focus is to promote health & well being through lymphatic therapeutic techniques and products.

Desiree approached Recordit with a plan to introduce video into her expanding business. There were three separate requirements for a video.

1. Level 1 Training Video – designed to assist practitioners to review the machine and manual techniques they learnt at the Level I training course.

2. A Self Care Video – to be included in each of the units when purchased, providing a demonstration on caring for the unit plus where to place the therapy heads when treating yourself.

3. A promotional video introducing Aetiology

The Approach

Excerpt from Training Video

The priority was the Level 1 Training video – so we sat down and worked out what was important. The outcome we wanted was a naturally lit room with a suitable model with a combination of close angles and graphics that would demonstrate easy viewing, complete with a voice over which we decided would be Desiree. The completed video was then converted to NTSC and is rapidly selling to students in the USA where Desiree regularly holds seminars.

Attention to detail was an important factor with the end result being a comprehensive informative tool, visually pleasing complete with labelled glowing nodes.

With the advantage of YouTube we uploaded a sequence as an example and the response was enormous with requests for a machine only video to be produced.

We realised that this was the next priority so we went about producing a Training Tool for those Practitioners using the Lympstar Pro Machine. From the existing footage we produced a Machine only version which was also converted to NTSC and is presently selling to Practitioners in the USA.

This project is on going and we are now working toward completing the promotional video.

What the client said…

"It has been a pleasure to work with Cathryn and achieve the results we have in relation to the two DVDs currently developed. Cathryn was able to put what was a concept into a reality for me and the DVD presentation is both professional and beautifully presented.

Feedback to date from both New Zealand and America is that they are of a high standard and students are impressed with the graphical work added into the filming."

"I am looking forward to completing the remaining projects in the near future."

Desiree De Spong
Director/Practitioner - Aetiology Ltd