Video for your website

Recordit will deliver your unique business story in a way that will resonate with your viewers and evoke a respond.

Online video has exploded within the past couple of years and it continues to develop into one of the most influential marketing tools ever. Why? Because video adds that all important emotion people can’t get by reading words or looking at a static image.

Exult Web Video Development

what type of message

A short web video clip showcasing the heart of your business story, team or product or a series of video tips or information about your area of expertise or message from the CEO – better still – include several video testimonials from loyal customers – there is nothing more convincing than other people raving about you! – a very powerful persuasive tool.

the smart way

Quite simply, videos made for the web are the most cost effective way to share information with your audience – and that is not the only benefit web videos resonate with your audience and increase conversions

stand out from the crowd

Building a series of web videos allows you to build an audience on YouTube and position yourself as a leader in your field

Your website is the face of your business – be memorable…Bring your website to life.

People who use this service include:  Sign Creations, Breast Cancer Support Service Tauranga, ASB Baypark Audio and Catering, Connect 2 Chartered Accountants.


Your story is your biggest asset and I will help you tell it!  Contact Recordit today.

And the client said…

“Thank you so much for creating the awesome promo clip for our website. You did an amazing job pulling together photos, video and testimonials and it so great to have something on our site that really gives people a taste of what we do. I can’t believe how easy it was from my end. You really are the best at what you do.”

Kerri Tilby-Price