television commercials

Recordit will identify the best way to tell your story.  Script, film and deliver your message that will impact the viewer.

Althorpe Village TVC

Kiwis love watching television so its understandable that most households own one if not two tvs – you have a captive audience – your biggest audience! – your story delivered creatively and with emotion is a powerful marketing tool – you can’t do that quite the same with radio or print. There is no better medium than television to get your message across to your audience to increase sales and awareness.

Greerton Furnishings TVC

Emotional advertising is the most effective way to build strong brands.


People who use this service include:

Copper Crest Village Estate, Althorp Village Tauranga, Simple As Refunds, It’s My Pharmacy, Greerton Furnishings.


Client Testimonial

“We are very pleased with the advertisement! It gets the message across. It's working so well for us that we have reduced our newspaper and radio advertisements and now concentrating on the TV advert. We have had lots of positive comments, probably around 30% of our customers that come in our door do so because of the advert. We are very pleased!"

Greerton Furnishings