The Power of Video Story Telling for Non Profit Organisations

There is no greater tool than video to tell your story – video touches all the senses and creates a call to action.

Using video to tell your story will connect people with your cause in a way text and photographs just can’t.  Emotionally powerful stories will help people become your donors and your advocates, and will make it easy for them to help you spread your stories and reach a wider audience.

Remember, people want to know the stories of those that they are helping, and where their donation of funds, time, and advocacy are going.

Whether your organisation is looking to increase awareness, raise funds, influence policy makers or recruit volunteers,  Recordit will work closely with you to capture the essence of your organisation to put a face on your story,  bring your mission to life and move your audience to get involved.

We know the impact video can have on fundraising and Recordit has successfully created videos that have made a significant impact on non profit organisations, some of these non profit organisations include:

  • Tough Love New Zealand

  • Acorn Foundation

  • Breast Cancer Support Service Bay of Plenty

  • Tauranga Community Housing Trust

  • Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust

  • Gracelands Group of Services

  • South Waikato Achievement Trust

  • Family Attachment Base and Safe (FABS)

Your story is your biggest asset and I will help you tell it.  Contact Recordit today

Client Testimonial

"Please receive Russell and my grateful thanks for your outstanding efforts. To achieve a perfect result that meets Board, Management Committee, management, caregivers and clients expectations is an exceptional result.
Our grateful thanks."

Rod Ashcroft
Business Development Manager

South Waikato Achievement Trust