Health and Safety Induction Video

Recordit is a specialist in delivering effective Health & Safety Induction videos that are both engaging and informative.   With a combination of audio and visual content, your employees and contractors have the ability to absorb the safety information easily.

Excerpt from North Island Mussel Processors Induction Video

Convey your requirements clearly with film…

  • film your procedures once
  • deliver your message to multiple people in multiple locations
  • provide a consistent message every time

When Recordit tells your story, people notice, people learn and people remember.

People who use this service include:  Norske Skog,  Form Building & Developments,  Pacific Forest Products NZ Ltd,  Claymark Sawmill Ltd – Katikati and Rotorua,  North Island Mussel Processors Ltd,  Birchwood Packhouse,  Cedenco Foods NZ – Gisborne, Hastings & Nelson, DMS Progrowers,  DMS Te Puna & PukePack, Ministry of Fisheries.   


View the health and safety induction video
case study for Form Building & Developments.

Client Testimonial

“The DVD is a great tool!  Its certainly a real time saver – and its great to know your employees are getting all the information they need plus they all get the same information everytime which is always the best result.   Yes we are very pleased.”

Bronwyn Atkinson
HR Assistant
North Island Mussel Processors Ltd