We are passionate about creating stories that connect with people.

Recordit deliver more than just a story – we capture the essence of your business story that creates emotion, builds trust and inspires your viewer to take action.

In order to tell your story the right way, we work closely with you to develop the most effective approach that gets your business in front of your customers – the results speak for themselves.

In today’s world when it comes to technology and marketing – the all important video can be found everywhere delivering business results. Now you can optimize the return on your investment of your corporate videos by using them on your website, sharing them through social media, using them as marketing tools at exhibitions and events or sending them directly to your customers through email, blue tooth or even smart phone apps.  The possibilities are endless and their integration into your normal business processes has become seamless.

We have broad experience in the planning and production of quality Health and Safety induction presentations for businesses, including national corporates. This has never been more important and we understand how to do it – from start to delivery.

There is no medium on earth that can communicate in a more HUMAN way than video. It marries the two most powerful senses we have seeing and hearing.

Your story is your biggest asset and I will help you tell it!  Contact Recordit today.

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Benefits of video on your website : January 1, 2017

Immediately capture your viewers attention – tell them your story. Humanise and personalise your corporate website with a video because people relate to people and real stories. Key Differences A more immediate emotional response. In video the emotional response often comes before the viewer has fully appraised the meaning of what they’re seeing. A story can Read More…